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Our Journey • Your Identity

Our Journey started when our founder was sat at her University lecture a few years ago. With a calculator, a pen and a notebook in hand, she was baselining formulations and calculating costs for her business instead of calculations for the lecture. She had a concept, she knew what wanted and after graduating in Pharmacy; HaQuiqa Beauty was born.

Our passion for unique & collaboration bought our vision, and our products, to life. Our vision bring together the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special for our followers. We believe in results, quality, care and to give something unique that everyone can enjoy. Creative & inspired by what we see everyday, each products represents what we love about the world we live in.

We at HaQuiqa hope we can be that change.

About Us
About Us

Haquiqa a truthful Journey!

Our central goal is to present HaQuiqa Beauty to a complex, consistently advancing universe of Beauty! We will be representing a solid, new account in beauty, one that lifts up all outflows of independence. We accept there is no single format for beauty. Our products are formulated with ingredients to keep your hair in the Anagen – phased for longer.

At HaQuiqaBeauty we make beauty easy. We offer you the advantage of decisions between what is beneficial for you and what’s useful for you. We need you to encounter the delight of finding new products that appear to be made remembering you. We solidly keep out the mayhem of the commercial centre and boudoir, swarmed with jugs and cylinders and containers.

Beauty originates from being on a first name premise with ourselves. At Haquiqa it lies in self-revelation. It very well may be found in the delights of a splashed shower and since quite a while ago stemmed wine glasses. In erotic beauty routines, all around adored skin and hair.

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